February 19, 2018
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The videoclips address all the points, including Key Technologies, Financial Plan, Token Economy, Aging, Health care, Current and Future Medicine, AI, NLP, Blockchain.

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Nickolay Kryuchkov: What technologies are used in eHealth First? Watch
Lyle Dennis: Why am I an EHF Team member? Watch
Victor Solntsev: What about EHF tokens and ICO stages? Watch
Daria Khaltourina: How aging could be measured? Watch
Denis Rysev: Why should I buy EHF tokens? Watch
Nickolay Kryuchkov: What are the best features of EHF Project and ICO? Watch
Victor Solntsev: How do three rounds of ICO protect investors? Watch
Lyle Dennis: How do we estimate the risk of disease? Watch
Daria Khaltourina: Are people ready for new technologies? Watch
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Meet our new Team Member
Lyle Dennis
Senior Expert in Clinical Medicine and Biomedical Studies

Dr. Dennis is Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at Columbia University in New York. He is also Chief of Neurology at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in New York.
He received his M.D. from Albert Einstein Colleges of Medicine and completed his residency in Neurology at Columbia University, with a fellowship in Neurocritical Care.
He has been involved full time in the clinical practice of neurology for the past 20 years caring for many thousands of patients with neurological disease. He also established stroke centers in several area hospitals in the New York/New Jersey region.
In addition to his work as a neurologist Dr. Dennis is deeply interested in the use of technology to expand health human lifespan. He is particularly focused on the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain in healthcare.
He has been a serial entrepreneur and early investor in Augmedix and iBeat, and holds the role of Chief Medical Officer for Health Monitor Network where he has conceived and developed groundbreaking health tracking apps.
EHF Team
Our well-developed team (21 professionals from 8 countries) is headed by Nickolay Kryuchkov, an entrepreneur, researcher and medical doctor, and consists of experts in biomedical systems Arnold Mitnitsky and Sviatoslav Plavinsky, consultants in Health care and Public Health Policy Daria Khaltourina, Nick Guldemond, Edwina Rogers and Artem Gill, a biomedical gerontologist Aubrey De Grey, experts in genomics, longevity and aging João Pedro de Magalhães, Kalluri Subba Rao, Oliver Medvedik, physician and clinical researcher Lyle Dennis, researchers and engineers in blockchain development, machine learning, artificial intelligence Eray Ozkural, Artemy Malkov, Keith Comito, attorney at law Paul Spiegel, financial expert Victor Solntsev and more.
This is an ambitious project that requires the combined skills of experts in many different fields and the careful synthesis of their competencies into one unified platform.
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EHF token holders could:
  1. Use them as payment options and additionally receive 10-50% discount for buying any Services developed under the EHF Project (Personal Health, Biomed) and by the Project Partners (applications, software modules / services, healthcare services, insurance plans, participation in clinical trials, observational studies and patient support programs etc.).
  2. Use them to participate in special health campaign, programs and check-ups, to get access to special healthcare expert community.
  3. Use them to participate in the EHF Project development by voting (in proportion to the number of tokens).
  4. Get an investment income in case of EHF token price growth (crypto-exchange operations, direct purchase-sale).
  5. Exchange them for other cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCC, ETH etc.) on various cryptocurrency exchanges and for fiat currency (USD, EUR, JPU, CNY etc.), in countries, where such operations are legal.
  6. Sell or buy them directly via compatible crypto wallets.
See all the details about EHF tokens in the Section 2: Governance of the White Paper.

There are several requests from the community to lower the minimum threshold of investments in ETH to the level of those for the USD and EUR.

That's why, now you can buy EHF tokens investing 2+ ETH or 0.2+ BTC

10 ETH or 1 BTC
2 ETH or 0.2 BTC

Moreover, we have a special gift for you:
+5% to the Discounts noted on the website.
There will be no such special offer in March or later. Be in time!

When you invest, say, 2 ETH in February, you are buying tokens with 55% (50+5%) discount instead of 50% regular one.

To use the maximal discount:

A. Fill in one of three forms on the website,
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- the promo code "FEB5";
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- your Ethereum Address
Bitcoin Address to pay and Ethereum account address to get EHF tokens;
- your comments / questions.

B. Get the confirmation letter from our side, including information about EHF Ethereum / Bitcoin address, and number of tokens reserved.

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