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Five Stories about how people will use EHF Platform in everyday life
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In June 28, EHF Representatives met with CEO and co-founder of GHC and Kamegaya Companies (Japan) Masanobu Kamegaya san.
The Memurundum of Understanding was signed.
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India has great opportunities in the development of health system, and eHealth FIrst can contribute to this.
So EHF Team is looking for Indian partners and investors.
EHF Representatives met with Indian businessman and investor Mr. Sethi (Mumbai, India).
In June 29, EHF Representatives met with Senior Representatives of SOGO Medical Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan and discussed potential collaboration in development and inplementation of EHF IT Platform.
SOGO Medical is a company operated in medical, heatlhcare and pharmaceutical areas in Japan and globally.
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Today in Tokyo EHF representatives including CEO Nickolay Kryuchkov meet with Director of International Medical Care at the International University of Health and Welfare Dr. Takuya Ogawa. The collaboration in the IT Platform development and its implementation in Japan were discussed.
The International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) was founded in 1995 as the first comprehensive university of health and welfare in Japan, with the objective of developing health and welfare specialists and raising their status.
We are glad to inform all you, EHF Company signs the $1M Investment Agreement with Indian entrepreneur and investor Mr. Mehta (Lilavaty Hospital).
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Keith Comito, Senior Expert of eHealth First and President of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, discusses the emerging longevity biotech landscape at the Ending Age-Related Diseases conference in NYC.
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In August, CEO Nickolay Kryuchkov and EHF Representatives in Middle East and East Asia met with owners and top managers of three business groups in Dubai.
White Paper (version 1.3) + Annex 1 "From Web Search to Sentence-level Understanding"
Publications and Ratings
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ICO Bench: 4 out of 5
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4 out of 5.
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FoundICO: 8.1 out of 10
Foundico's eHealth First ICO rating
8.1 out of 10!
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eHealth First – the Reshaping of International Healthcare Systems with Blockchain, AI and NLP
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New publications in non-English press
EHF YouTube Channel
The video covers all the points, including Key Technologies, Financial Plan, Token Economy, Aging, Health care, Current and Future Medicine, AI, NLP, Blockchain.

EHF Intro video Watch
Aubrey De Grey: About eHealth First Project and ICO Watch
Eray Ozkural: What about EHF's approach to AI and NLP? Watch
Keith Comito: Blockchain and Privacy. Watch
Joao Pedro De Magalhaes: How does personal genetic profile affect health, diseases and longevity? Watch
Oliver Medvedik: Five reasons, why EHF valuable for society and profitable for investors? Watch
Fabian Schütz: eHealth First and future of medicine. Watch
Aubrey De Grey: What is aging? Watch
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Daria Khaltourina on Undoing Aging 2018: Adding Aging to the ICD + EHF Brief Watch
Eray Ozkural: Why I'm a Team member at eHealth First? Watch
Daria Khaltourina: Five reasons, why EHF is valuable for society and profitable for investors Watch
Joao Pedro De Magalhaes: About myself and why I'm an EHF Team member Watch
Keith Comito: Why am I an EHF Team member? Watch
Oliver Medvedik: Why am I an EHF Team Member? Watch
Eray Ozkural: What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Watch
Aubrey De Grey: About me Watch
Keith Comito: What about medicine in the future? Watch
Joao Pedro De Magalhaes: What about genetics and genomics? Watch
Oliver Medvedik: Is there a limit to lifespan? Watch
Victor Solntsev: What about short-term and long-term EHF's profitability? Watch
Lyle Dennis: What is aging? Watch
Lyle Dennis: How could we fight aging? Watch
Daria Khaltourina: What would we do, if many people live much longer than now? Watch
Lyle Dennis: What are the challenges for health care system in the U.S.? Watch
Nickolay Kryuchkov: What technologies are used in eHealth First? Watch
Lyle Dennis: Why am I an EHF Team member? Watch
Victor Solntsev: What about EHF tokens and ICO stages? Watch
Daria Khaltourina: How aging could be measured? Watch
Denis Rysev: Why should I buy EHF tokens? Watch
Nickolay Kryuchkov: What are the best features of EHF Project and ICO? Watch
Victor Solntsev: How do three rounds of ICO protect investors? Watch
Lyle Dennis: How do we estimate the risk of disease? Watch
Daria Khaltourina: Are people ready for new technologies? Watch
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And much more...
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    We publish new Annex to the White Paper written by EHF Director in AI, ML, NLP, Dr. Eray Ozkural: From Web Search to Sentence-level Understanding.
    In this essay, we probe the question of whether eHealth First's deep learning approach to meta-analysis of biomedical articles is feasible, and what sort of results we might expect from the proper application of the technology in a way that any computer literate reader can understand. We are also going to include a discussion of the technology with a few significant technical references for machine learning specialists and enthusiasts to follow.
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    Can the Blockchain and AI Technologies Solve the Healthcare Crisis?
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    eHealth First: The World's First Personalized and Decentralized Medical Platform
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    EHF Team
    Our well-developed team (25 professionals from 10 countries) is headed by Nickolay Kryuchkov, an entrepreneur, researcher and medical doctor, and consists of experts in biomedical systems Arnold Mitnitsky and Sviatoslav Plavinsky, consultants in Health care and Public Health Policy Daria Khaltourina, Nick Guldemond, Edwina Rogers and Artem Gill, a biomedical gerontologist Aubrey De Grey, experts in genomics, longevity and aging João Pedro de Magalhães, Kalluri Subba Rao, Oliver Medvedik, physician and clinical researcher Lyle Dennis, researchers and engineers in blockchain development, machine learning, artificial intelligence Eray Ozkural, Artemy Malkov, Keith Comito, attorney at law Paul Spiegel, financial consultant Victor Solntsev and more.
    This is an ambitious project that requires the combined skills of experts in many different fields and the careful synthesis of their competencies into one unified platform.
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